What is Blackberry Fork?


We are a brother and sister (or sister and brother- if you count who came out first) duo dedicated to exploring our home state of Arkansas and all the other places in-between! This is our blog/website that showcases our adventures as they happen. We’ll visit new places, try new things and bring you along for the ride!



I’m Rachel, I’m the older sibling. I live with my husband and our dog and a variety of cats in Arkansas. I have a masters degree in Photography and teach college! I would say I’m pretty open and game for anything new and exciting. I really enjoy trying new things, meeting new people and going to new (and old) places. I dont think that there has been a trip that I havent enjoyed. I would say I’m pretty outgoing and adventurous. I also love a good book and my hammock on a rainy day. I guess in the end they balance out, right?



Concerning Myself,

I consider myself a writer first and a rhetorician second. Most of my formal education is in rhetoric and grammar, but I am also a lover of the sciences and the arts. Most of my professional work has been in the office setting, but I have always enjoyed the romanticism of travel and sightseeing. I honestly consider myself more of a home-body, but who else has more to gain from expanding their worldviews than a home-body? My best qualities are my honesty and my ability to communicate with others. I am looking forward to new experiences and growing as a person.




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