Old Washington

Well I have had quite an adventure recently! Some friends of ours decided that they were going to join the Society for Creative Anachronism and were telling us (me, Phillip and my Mom) about it at dinner one night and it sounded like so much fun that I decided that I wanted to do it too!

Little did I know that some years back mom had wanted to get involved in SCA but life and timing had kept her from becoming a member. So here we are 20 years later and we’ve all started to become interested in the SCA.

Phillip and I had talked a little bit about this blog and project and how we havent had the time to give it the love it deserves- so because I want to use the website address and the platform I figured it would be a great place to blog and connect with people about my (our) adventures in the SCA.

The first thing I did when I decided that SCA was something I wanted to do was figure out what I wanted to wear- ha- its vain I know- but I’m not going up in there without something cute to wear. After some research I decided that I could easily make gowns from the 13th century. So I googled a ton of stuff and made a pinterest board and found a couple of (sorta okay) guides for my first dress…. y’all it wasnt the best and I made it out of old lavender leftover fabric. I made mom be my barbie doll… it was a good start.

The second thing we did was look at the calendar and see when they were going to have an event locally. We are not in the same area as our friends. We had to figure out which local chapter we were a part of. We are in the kingdom of Gleann Abhann in the Barony of the Small Grey Bear (think central Arkansas). So we looked up Small Grey Bear and found out they did a fighter practice in the River Front Park in Little Rock and made plans to go.

Sunday afternoon came around and we noticed the people carrying armor were probably where we needed to be. After hanging back for a little while we (mom and I) got up the courage to introduce ourselves. We picked the right person- he just looked like he was in charge. We met Axel- the Knights Marshall who is in charge of the heavy armored fighting. He was very welcoming and answered our questions and was SUPER nice! Not even kidding. I was actually kind of surprised. We just watched the guys fight for a while and I asked if I could do it. I hadnt planned on it at all- but in the back of my mind I wanted to. So I was given a “sword” made of rattan (a type of wood that doesnt splinter when it shatters) and told the rules and I started hitting a tree.

Eventually I got to put on the full set of loner armor and a helm and I got out there and I was told that I was going to get it in the head so I would know what it felt like. They called it calibration hits. I got smacked in the leg- it wasnt bad. I got smacked in the head and it rang like a bell but it wasnt horrible. So I got out on the field and got smacked around even more… that was more than a month ago now.


–Interrupting this post to say that I had originally intended this to be about our adventure in Old Washington but its turning into more about how we got started with SCA and my new love of getting smacked in the head and gathering bruises on my body–

I’ll make a second Old Washington post later because thats going to need its own blog!

So I’ve been going to fighter practice for weeks now, they are Sunday and Wednesday. I got Phillip and Stephen out to have some fun. Steve liked the heavy and Phillip is going to do rapier fighting. He got hit in the head once with the heavy fighting and decided it wasnt for him.

I’ve joined SCA and mom has too! Its kind of exciting. I am getting armor made so I can get out of the loner gear! Stay tuned for more about SCA and our adventures!


You can tell in this pictures Sir Bellringer isnt trying very hard!

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